3rd season of archaeological excavations of the PREHISTRIA project

This year’s archaeological excavation was primarily directed at further exploring the Abri Kontija 002 site in the Lim channel. During the 6-week long fieldwork, project team members Ivor Janković, Lia Vidas, Rory Becker and James Ahern have work intensely on finishing the excavations in squares that were started in the previous seasons. Also, two new squares have been opened and

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Trainings and analyses

During May, some of the team members were working on training their skills while visiting our international collaborators. PhD student Lia Vidas has done one part of the ZooMS analayses at the Bones Lab (Dipartimento di Beni Culturali, Università di Bologna) under the supervision of professor Stefano Benazzi. Project associates dr.Barbara Cvitkušić and dr. Emanuela Cristiani (Sapienza Università di Roma)

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A presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Hugo Obermaier Society

Dr. Ivor Janković and dr. Siniša Radović were a part of the annual meeting of the Hugo Obermaier Society in Berlin from 19th to 22nd April. On the first day of the conference they gave a presentation titled “Late Upper Palaeolithic subsistence strategies at Ljubićeva pećina, Istria(Croatia)” in which they presented a part of the results of the faunal analysis

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ERC project meeting

From the 18th to the 20th of November 2021. dr.sc. Siniša Radović and dr.sc. Ivor Janković participated at the meeting of the ERC project SUBSILIENCE led by Ana Belen Marin-Arroyo which was held at the Universidad de Cantabria, Santander, Spain. At the meeting, results of the faunal analysis from the Abri Kontija 002 site were presented, aswell as the project

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PREHISTRIA media coverage on Facebook

In the last three weeks, archaeologists, anthropologists, geneticists, zooarchaeologists, geophysicists, geoarchaeologists, paleobotanists and many other have gathered in Ljubić Cave. Find out what they did at an exhibition as part of a science project.The exhibition in the area of the Municipality of Marčana at the address Marčana 161 and Ljubićeva cave can be visited from 22 to 26 June 2020

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Media coverage of PREHISTRIA project on Instagram

Have you ever been to Ljubić’s cave? Now you have the opportunity not only to visit the cave but also to visit the exhibit as a part of the scientific research project PREHISTRIA More on the following Instagram link.

PREHISTRIA media coverage on Twitter

Media coverage of research within the PREHISTRIA project What is happening in Ljubić’s cave near Marčana?Find out more on the official twitter page of the Archaeological Museum of Istria https://twitter.com/am_istre/status/1273874371631874048